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Domestic non-battery material industry


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Chinese market: electrolytic cobalt, electro-deposit copper



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Constantly Strive to Become Stronger in Pursuit of Excellence

Cultural Ideas

[Spirit of Huayou]  Constantly Strive to Become Stronger in Pursuit of Excellence


Constantly striving to become stronger in pursuit of excellence is an inexhaustible spirit to achieve Huayou undertaking.

As heaven maintains vigor through movements, a gentle man should constantly strive for self-perfection. It is this inexhaustible and passionate driving that inspires entrepreneurs to constantly reinvent themselves, thus achieving the status of global leader in cobalt industry.


[Corporate Vision]  Becoming a Global Leader of New Energy Li-ion Battery Materials


Huayou vows to become a global leader of new energy li-ion battery materials relying on continuous struggle of all staff and positioned in “new energy and new material industry”.


[Mission Statement]  Create customer value, lead industrial development


The career of Huayou is the persistent pursuit of Huayou people, and the common ideal of Huayou new energy li-ion battery material industry ecosystem. We solemnly declare that the mission of Huayou is: creating customer value, leading industrial development.


[Huayou Value]  Integrity Innovation Responsibility Learning Passion


Huayou people should take the spirit of constantly striving to become stronger in pursuit of excellence as the core, and the integrity, innovation, responsibility and learning as the value criterion, determined to become the striver of Huayou undertaking.