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About Us

Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt  (“Huayou Cobalt” in short) (stock code 603799) is established in 2002 and head quartered in Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province. It is a hi-tech firm specialized in Lithium-ion new energy material manufacture, cobalt new material intensive processing, cobalt and copper nonferrous mining, sorting and smelting. Main products include Precursor of Cathode Material for Lithium-ion Battery, cobalt chemicals, copper and nickel. 


Huayou Cobalt upholds the business concept of technological innovation and scientific management. Huayou Cobalt owns domestically advanced independent core technology in Lithium-ion anode material precursor, cobalt and copper hydrometallurgy, cobalt new materials and environmental protection. It is ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, GB/T19022, GB/T15496 and AQ/T9006 management system certified. These strongly support cobalt business of Huayou Cobalt.


Huayou Cobalt, over decade of growth and deposit, has completed its spatial setting: head quarter in Tongxiang, resources safeguard in Africa, manufacture base in Quzhou and market all over the globe. A vertical integrated industry has been structured: safeguard with its own mineral resources, core with cobalt new materials, supplement with copper and nickel, combination of mining, sorting, smelting and new material intensive processing. 

Huayou Cobalt proposed in “13th Five-Year Planning” that, while upholding the coring of Lithium-ion new energy material development and centering around controlling resources upstream, expanding market downstream and uplifting capacity in the middle, “Two-New, Profession, Standard and Project” strategy is adopted to transform the company from a “12th Five-Year Planning” cobalt sector leader into a globally new energy Lithium-ion material leader. 
Huayou Resource Plate is the source of industrial integration of Huayou, Huayou Resource implements resource control strategy, positioned in “resource supply, cost advantage, coordinated development, transformation to mining and metallurgy integration, ensuring company’s self-contained cobalt ore raw materials, laying a resource foundation for stronger integration”, promotes transformation of mining and metallurgy model, accelerates the urban cobalt and nickel resources recycling industry layout, improves the cobalt supply chain responsible management system construction, so as to create favorable conditions for obtaining sustainable cobalt resources and promote long-term healthy development of the group.
Huayou Nonferrous Metal Plate is an important foundation of Huayou manufacturing capacity and plays an important role in the integrated industrial structure. Huayou Nonferrous Metal Plate, positioned in “creating a resource-saving, environmentally friendly, efficiency leading industry benchmark”, strives to become the benchmark of advanced manufacturing, green manufacturing and leading efficiency in the industry, and further consolidates and enhances company's position in the domestic and international cobalt industry.
Huayou New Energy Plate is the core of company’s “Two New Areas” industrial strategy and an important direction for company’s implementation of development strategy. Huayou New Energy, positioned in “rapid development, high-end breakthrough, efficiency oriented, grabbing the commanding point of li-ion battery new energy materials”, implements the requirements of “speed first, technology first, quality first, cost first”, and continually improves the production organization ability and product quality control level. As the strategic focus of company’s transformation to the field of li-ion battery new energy materials, the new energy company seizes the opportunity to make a breakthrough, thus achieving significant improvements in output, quality and new product development and playing a leading role in company’s future industrial development.

 The company is specialized in the comprehensive utilization of used power batteries for new energy vehicles, with its business including recycling of used power li-ion batteries, research and promotion of gradient utilization of used power li-ion batteries, research on environmental protection and automation of disassembly of used power li-ion batteries, research and promotion of highly efficient regeneration technology of key materials, etc.

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